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Irrigation system sprays water on a field of yellow rapeseed
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A cyan water droplet representing what companies report as the cost of water sits next to a larger green water droplet representing what Barclays Research calculated the true cost of water to be
Bar chart depicting cost of response to water-related risks versus maximum potential financial impact of inaction in USD billions
Line graph showing number of mentions of "clean water & sanitation" in corporate transcripts from 2004-2020
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Creating a more sustainable ocean economy 

Our Research analysts examine practices that ensure the wellbeing of our oceans while also supporting the “Blue Economy”, which provides a livelihood for more than three billion people worldwide.


Emission impossible? Closing in on net zero 

Decarbonisation is a major global challenge. Our analysts have identified five key areas of focus over the coming 30 years for delivering the net zero pledge.


Solving Sustainable 

Businesses and markets are seeking new and innovative ways to achieve net zero. We’re providing the latest insights to help solve sustainable, together.

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