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International Corporate Banking

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International Corporate Banking

International Corporate Banking powers the world's largest businesses with wholesale lending and sophisticated treasury solutions supported by deep industry knowledge and on-the-ground specialists across the world.

International Corporate Banking International Corporate Banking International Corporate Banking
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The power of partnership


Working closely together, our industry and global coverage teams provide you with seamless access to a wide range of financial products. Global and local expertise, combined with deep mastery of individual sectors, our investment bankers’ strategic advice, comprehensive solutions and risk management services meet you where you are, so you can plan for the future with confidence.

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Global business challenges often demand both global and local perspectives. Our global and country-specific coverage teams work hand-in-hand with our industry coverage bankers and product teams to provide integrated financial solutions that reflect local, regional and market knowledge. With teams across the UK, Europe, the Americas, Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific, we’re where you need us.

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Treasury solutions

Operate internationally with confidence with our portfolio of global trade products and working capital solutions. Build relationships and power growth with our full suite of services that support exporters across Documentary Trade, Working Capital & Open Account and UK Export Finance.

Our cash management solutions can support with streamlining processes, optimising cash flows and automating everyday tasks to ensure the cost-effective management of your cash and working capital.

Our FX specialists can help you expand your global reach and manage risk in the process. Barclays International Corporate Banking offers a range of solutions designed to mitigate uncertainty when trading in new markets as well as facilitating smooth cross currency payments.

Our lending experts can help structure solutions that are tailored to support your operational needs and growth ambitions. We can facilitate access to Debt Capital Markets and provide solutions that align with ESG commitments, including Green Lending and Sustainability Linked Loans.

We’re dedicated to supporting your sustainability commitments and goals, whether that’s through providing flexible financing solutions that facilitate your green agenda or aligning your excess capital with your sustainability priorities. We have expertise in funding a variety of projects, addressing trading needs and powering innovation across green areas, from renewable energy to green transport and sustainable food production. 

We support efficient clearing of payments through direct access to global payment systems, flexible charging and billing options, competitive cut-off times and comprehensive balance and transaction reporting. In the UK we are integrated with CHAPS and Faster Payment Service. We provide centralised EUR clearing through Frankfurt, including connections to Target2 and Euro 1.

We provide businesses with the tools to confidently enter new markets, through our innovative and accessible payments solutions. Whether mobile or electronic, all our solutions are designed to integrate fully with your business. This includes bespoke line-by-line reporting and the ability to track international payments end-to-end, for greater insight and transparency. Our dedicated cash specialists are also on hand to support and optimise your cash management.

Experience a seamless digital journey with our integrated solutions and online banking platform, Barclays iPortal. With Barclays iPortal you benefit from a single point of access to Barclays International Corporate Banking products and services, including Payments & Reporting, Debt, FX, Liquidity, Open Banking and Barclaycard.

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Leveraging the power of the entire bank

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