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Global Markets

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Global Markets

Our Global Markets business powers performance via a full range of liquidity, risk management and financing solutions as well as ideas and content tailored to your needs, coupled with execution capabilities across the spectrum of financial products.

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Industry recognition

Comprehensive execution and financing solutions

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Sales & Trading

Generating ideas. Providing liquidity. Managing risk. Optimising execution. Our Sales and Trading teams help you navigate complex and evolving global markets by sharing creative insights, tailoring solutions and executing across a broad range of products, asset classes and geographies.


Financing growth. Optimising collateral. Clearing risk. Our Financing teams provide you access to our market leading flow, non-flow and structured solutions against a wide range of collateral. Leverage our broad suite of services to meet your needs, including agency execution, lending, clearing, custody, asset servicing and prime brokerage, as well as long-term bespoke solutions.

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Global Markets solutions

Macro gives you access to risk management solutions across a complete suite of rates and FX products in G10 and major emerging markets. With fully integrated sales, trading, research and electronic trading capabilities you will have access to a wide spectrum of market flows to service your structuring, hedging or liquidity needs.

Equities provides you with deep liquidity through high touch, electronic and portfolio execution services, with access to primary and secondary capital markets as well as prime services. Discover our full suite of flow and structured derivative products across difficult-to-reach exposures, quantitative investment and risk management solutions, including structured financing capabilities.

Credit offers you sales, trading, structuring and financing capabilities across both developed and emerging markets. Gain access to a full suite of products across investment grade, leveraged finance and structured credit in both cash and derivative forms.

Securitised products provides you with access to a full suite of products through either origination, trading or financing spanning ABS, CMBS, Agency and Non-Agency RMBS across securities and loans as well as CLOs. Uncover insights to increase the yield on your securitised product portfolio, assess relative value, optimize your capital and access liquidity.

Prime is a comprehensive global financing platform integrated across asset classes and products, offering innovative solutions. Fulfill your financing needs across cash, utilising traditional margin lending and stock borrow/loan, and synthetics. Access services including execution and clearing of futures & options; OTC clearing; FX prime brokerage; quantitative prime services that house our low latency DMA execution platform; and insights from our Capital Solutions team.

Fixed Income Financing provides the stability and liquidity you require through the financing of rates, credit and securitised products. Access our services to optimize your funding profile and leverage our specialists to source and facilitate trades with liquidity providers in repo markets.

Barclays Investment Managers (BIM) helps you with structuring and portfolio management of investment funds and fiduciary solutions. Discover award-winning1 insights from the Quantitative Investment Strategies group and benefit from BIM’s collaboration with partners across Global Markets asset classes to access differentiated investment management solutions and funds.

1 Short Volatility, Best Performing Fund in 2021, 2022 UCITS Hedge Awards

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