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A young male cancer patient with a shaved head on which is written the word strong
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We love what we do every day and wanted to use our passion for FX, Macro and Markets to give back to the community without even having to leave our desks.
Ajay Kataria, Head of BARX FX Sales, Americas
We were impressed by how many clients participated. LLS is such a compelling cause, especially when you learn about the research initiatives and the support they provide to those battling cancer.
Ben Peto, Director, Institutional FX Sales
Beyond the impact that Commissions for Cancer has had on furthering our mission, it also raised awareness among new constituencies. Our work is about people, and it's about saving lives.
Jaclyn Gilbride, Campaign Development Director, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
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Meet the architects of Barclays’ racial equity plan  

Black Professionals Forum members win a Citizenship and Diversity Award for their plan to promote racial equity in the workplace.

Supporting a recharge for healthcare workers 

With support from Barclays COVID-19 Community Aid Package, Greater New York Hospital Association is making employee health and wellbeing a top priority at its NYC member hospitals.


How Springboard Collaborative is closing the literacy gap 

With support from Barclays, the nonprofit is expanding to help more kids read at home with family— an urgent mission after pandemic learning losses.

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