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The role of banks in FinTech partnerships


Contributor: Sabry Salman

Where FinTechs are well placed to move at pace to deliver innovative, front-end solutions that improve customer experience, established banks have decades of experience responding to evolving regulation and developing complex infrastructure required for secure payment processing at scale. Together, they help each other to succeed.


Contributor: Sabry Salman

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About the expert

Sabry Salman

Global Head of FI and Non Bank PSPs, International Corporate Banking

Sabry Salman is Global Head FI and Non Bank PSPs, which includes Correspondent Banks, Barclays Affiliates, FMI Broker dealers, FinTech and MSBs. He is a member of the International Corporate Bank Management Forum. Sabry has 24 years of experience in global corporate banking, having lived and worked in Asia and the UK. Prior to his current role, he was Global Head of Banks Coverage and Head of UK MNC subsidiary banking for 6 years, covering client markets in the Americas, UK, Europe , Middle East and Asia. Since joining Barclays in 2004, he has held many leadership roles spanning industry sectors and geographies including Africa for 7 years. Prior to Barclays he worked at Standard Chartered and RBS Group. Sabry holds an MBA from Warwick Business School. He attended Mannheim Business School to complete his corporate finance education on Mergers & Restructures in the US and Europe. He is also a qualified Chartered Marketer (DipM MCIM). Further education in corporate treasury helped launch the Treasurer Forum for Barclays Corporate Bank. Sabry is also a member of Corporate Bank Client Advisory Board, CX Council & Digital Execution.

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