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Can global energy evolve to achieve net zero by 2050?

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Lydia Rainforth & Maggie O'Neal

There is some good news in the race to net zero. Lower-carbon fuels are gaining traction and the capacity of renewables is growing rapidly. But overall, progress towards targets is still slow, particularly when it comes to gains in energy intensity. Our Research analysts outline five areas where policymakers, companies, investors and consumers can start to step up the pace.

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Lydia Rainforth & Maggie O'Neal

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A solar farm floating in water, generating electricity
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About the analysts

Lydia Rainforth

Senior Research Analyst, Barclays

Lydia Rainforth is a senior research analyst at Barclays, responsible for coverage of European Integrated Energy companies. Key areas of focus include energy transition and how the oil and gas industry adapts to providing clean, reliable and affordable energy in an increasingly capital constrained world. The team has delivered industry-leading work across the opportunities in decarbonisation and is working to develop the modelling of low carbon finance further. Lydia holds the CFA certificate in ESG investing, is a CFA charterholder and graduated with an MA from the University of Cambridge.

Maggie O'Neal

Global Head of ESG Research

Maggie O'Neal is a Managing Director and Global Head of ESG Research. Maggie ranked as the #1 analyst in HY Basic Materials, #1 in HY Manufacturing/General Industrials and #2 in IG Manufacturing/General Industrials in the 2022 Fixed Income II survey. She co-developed Barclays' approach to ESG Research and assumed her current role in 2022. Maggie joined Barclays in 2015; she has 15 years of experience in research, having previously worked at Deutsche Bank. Maggie studied at UCLA, Sciences Po Paris and King's College London for undergraduate and holds an MSc from London School of Economics.

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