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Can AI solve the modern productivity puzzle?
Hiral Patel Christian Keller
Contributors: Hiral Patel & Christian Keller

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About the experts

Hiral Patel

Global Head of Sustainable & Thematic Research, Barclays

Hiral Patel is the Global Head of Sustainable & Thematic research at Barclays. Hiral and team aim to identify multi-sector thematic trends that could shape the business environment, with the investment opportunities spanning both public and private companies. Hiral has developed a thematic framework known as the '2030 Thematic Roadmap: 150 Trends' and has published on various topics relating to emerging technology, sustainability and demographic change. Recent publications include Social Inclusion, Electronic Waste, Cultured Meat and Green Data Centers, including a variety of investor tools (trend momentum scores, UN SDG mapping, company revenue tagging).

Christian Keller

Head of Economics Research, Barclays

Christian Keller is Head of Economics Research at Barclays, leading a global team covering both developed and emerging markets. He is based in London and joined Barclays in 2007 from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), where he had worked on programs with emerging market economies in Europe, Latin America and Asia. He graduated with a PhD in Economics from University of Köln, Germany, and holds a joined-MA in Economics and Finance from University of Köln and HEC, Paris.

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