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Get Barclays Research using only your voice

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Get Barclays Research using only your voice

Sharpen your perspective on trends shaping business and markets. Just say “Alexa, open Barclays Research” to get started.

Alexa skill features

Listen to The Flip Side podcast with Alexa

Catch lively debates between Barclays Research analysts taking opposing viewpoints on important, timely topics related to global businesses and economies. Say “Alexa, ask Barclays Research to play The Flip Side” to get started.

Learn what’s moving markets this week with Alexa

Get our Global Economics Research team’s brief analysis of the week’s key macroeconomic developments, data releases and market events. Say “Alexa, ask Barclays Research to read Weekly Insights” to get started.

Get notified and add our Flash Briefing

Enable notifications to get our latest Flip Side episode and Weekly Insights. You can even add our Flash Briefing which gives you our latest thoughts. Say “Alexa, play my flash briefing from Barclays Research” to get started.

Enable the Barclays Research skill to get expert insights

Say “Alexa, open Barclays Research,” or search for Barclays Research in the Alexa app or on your local Amazon website to start listening.

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Frequently asked questions

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Which devices can access the Barclays Research skill?

Barclays Research is compatible with all Alexa-supported devices.

Does Barclays share personal information with Alexa?

No. Barclays does not collect or share your personal information with Alexa.

Where can I learn more if I need help?

Amazon has published this guide to getting started using Amazon Alexa skills.

How can I switch the content that’s playing?

Just say ‘Alexa, open Barclays Research’ and then ask for your new choice of content using the skill prompts.

How do I disable the Barclays Research skill?

Saying “Alexa, disable Barclays Research” will disable the skill.

How do I enable notifications?

Open the Alexa app on your mobile or tablet and then open 'More' and select 'Skills & Games'. Select 'Barclays Research', then 'Manage Permissions' where you can then turn notifications on.

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