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Participants of the Echoing Green Social Innovation Challenge
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This bond issuance helps to empower women and address climate-related challenges in developing markets. We are proud to be able to leverage our global distribution network to help bring the impact of IIX’s program to institutional and private banking investors across the world.
Atul Jhavar, Head of APAC Sustainable Capital Markets, Barclays
The Global South cannot wait for rich nations to disburse financial aid to compensate for and mitigate the devastating damage caused by climate change. This is a death sentence to the very communities that fuel developing economies – especially women. When we first created the Women’s Livelihood Bond Series in 2017, we were creating a financial instrument that would change these systemic inequalities. With each new bond in the WLB Series, we’re building an entirely new asset class by and for the Global South that empowers developing countries with real results, rather than pledges and dialogues.
Professor Durreen Shahnaz, IIX’s CEO and Founder
It is a humbling experience to see the impact of bringing our product expertise and investor relationships to benefit such an amazing cause.
Avinash Thakur, Head of Debt Origination, Asia Pacific, Barclays
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Charity partnerships making a difference in Asia Pacific 

When COVID-19 reached Japan, food security was of utmost importance. In response, Barclays joined forces with organisations in the country to provide financial support and food relief.


Enabling people to succeed with Agape Connecting People 

Barclays Singapore joins Agape Connecting People in helping vulnerable communities gain valuable life skills to rebuild their lives.

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