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Participants of the Echoing Green Social Innovation Challenge
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Social innovators are critical for reimagining a future where all people can thrive. We’ve worked to innovate our support to those operating on the front lines of the pandemic’s impacts while COVID-19 continues to magnify the challenges many people across our communities are facing.
Camila Pazos, Director, Investments, Echoing Green
Hearing first-hand the passion and determination these entrepreneurs have to improve society, even in the most challenging of circumstances, was incredibly inspiring. We were proud to be involved and offer whatever help we could.
Marvena Edmond, Director, Group Strategy, and Co-chair, Americas Black Professionals Forum, Barclays
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Charity partnerships making a difference in Asia Pacific 

When COVID-19 reached Japan, food security was of utmost importance. In response, Barclays joined forces with organisations in the country to provide financial support and food relief.


Entrepreneurship As A Force For Good 

Some businesses made rapid, meaningful pivots to addressing the crises caused by COVID-19. We can help them build a better future by continuing to support them.

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