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Our journey to net zero: reduce, reuse… Re:Dish!

After receiving support from Barclays through the Unreasonable Impact program, Re:Dish has brought its reusable dishware program full circle to Barclays’ New York office cafeteria.

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We’ve built the software and automation to bring large numbers of reusable items in, wash and sanitize them, and re-package them to be used again. It’s not complicated to wash a handful of food serviceware items, but handling large numbers of items efficiently, using methods that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conserve water, is complex, and that’s the expertise we bring.
Caroline Vanderlip, Re:Dish Founder & CEO
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Rising Together

Every day, there are stories about how people from across Barclays are tackling challenges big and small to improve society. Rising Together is about celebrating all we’re doing to rise above and help the world move forward.

Rising Together
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