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ESG and Sustainability Solutions

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ESG & sustainability solutions

Responding effectively to ESG issues is one of the greatest challenges facing businesses, investors and society today. Our experts are here to help.

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Helping you navigate the ESG landscape

A greater awareness of environmental, social and governance issues is transforming business and investing. With this shift, there are new opportunities for companies and investors to harness, but only if they can effectively navigate this complex and ever-evolving landscape.

Powering your ESG transition

Every company and every investor journey is unique. Some have formalised significant ESG commitments including targets to transition their businesses, while others are still determining how to take their first steps. We’re here to assist you at any point on that journey by drawing upon our resources from across the Corporate and Investment Bank. Our collaborative, integrated approach guides clients along the way with the insights, advice and execution necessary to progress.

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ESG and sustainability solutions

Our deep understanding of ESG issues empowers businesses and investors to take advantage of new opportunities. Some of the ways we can help include:

· Identifying global thematic trends that could shape the business environment over the medium to long term.

· Developing new, innovative ESG and sustainability-linked products and tools for allocating capital and managing risk based on our knowledge of global markets.

· Publishing actionable ESG Research that enables investors and asset owners to assess the impact of regulatory, environmental and societal changes on markets and industries around the world.

We work with corporate and institutional clients to adapt business models and investment portfolios to the shifting ESG paradigm. Some of the ways we can help include:

· Advising clients across industries and regions on ESG themes and positioning, including their transition to a low-carbon economy, by structuring and executing sustainable equity and debt financing, advising on key disclosure statements and metrics, proper corporate governance, and acquisition and divestment ideas.

· Integrating ESG considerations throughout our Research to guide clients’ investment decisions across a complex and evolving landscape.

· Identifying trends and implementing new practices in the rapidly evolving ESG investing space such as SFDR obligations and net zero commitments, as integration and negative screening increase in popularity.

Our range of ESG-driven products and transactions empower organisations to activate their ESG agendas in worldwide financial markets. Some of the ways we can help include:

· Raising equity and debt capital in public and private markets to help finance clients’ sustainability efforts, including green bonds, social bonds, sustainability-linked loans and more.

· Advising and raising capital for emerging climate tech companies, with a focus on four verticals of Hydrogen, EV Infrastructure, Circular Economy and Food & AgTech

· Supporting our existing clients on their energy transition and broader ESG issues

· Sharing forward-looking insights to inform ESG portfolio construction and sustainable investment processes.

· Offering fully integrated, cross-asset execution for ESG strategies across trading, structuring and financing.

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Insights to inform your sustainability journey
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